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I’ve got the point now in my work, where I have enough to make a collection of poems to display on a webpage. At this point I think I will only be creating at least one more. Now I am closer to the end, like I discussed in my last tutorial I want to start considering what my webpage will look like. Although I cannot programme the webpage myself, what I can do is plan the layout. So far this is what I have created, but designing the page did make me consider things such as an opening title, which I hadn’t even thought about before. Seeing as I want the format of this page to be something that can’t exist outside of its realms I thought it would be interesting to also animate the title or Charles Bukwoski’s name in particular. It only took three animation frames to create a boil, which were then transformed into vectors on Photoshop, even though it’s a small touch I feel as though this can really add to the general online aesthetic and make it feel more precious and engaging to my audience. So far I have only added in the opening text and a header (made with china marker transformed into a vector also). But whilst i was adding the text and image, due to the square images, I can’t help but feel that due to the square shape of the GIF and the narrow text it’s very hard to get the two to interact on the page, which could cause some issues. At this point I feel unsure to carry on as all I will be able to achieve is a simple image next to text layout, which holds absolute minimum interest. For now I will be refraining from continuing as I can’t see it going any further and discuss with my peers tomorrow in the tutorial about the direction to go in, and how to go about designing these pages.


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