I’ve been feeling really unsatisfied with making the website on my own so now I think it’s time to bring a web designer in, luckily I know the other person so I’ve been able to say a lot of it over the phone. I did however do some brief drawings and take some notes from the conversation:

  • Top header: contact me/bio/cv/portfolio
  • links to share work to; facebook, twitter, instagram tumblr and wordpress.
  • Move over the mouse to pause GIF animation
  • Right save image blocked
  • Image fills half the page, when on image page
  • header centre aligned
  • At the bottom of the main image have more links to the next headers.

IMG_0613 IMG_0612

I’m a little concerned that it will not come out exactly how I want it to, but as long as I ca have as much input as possible I can get it as close to. The most important for thing for at the moment is keeping it clean and organised. I chose to go for circle themes are I thought it would not only give me site a little bit of originality but tie all the images on the webpage together. So where a lot of them are different if they are all at least put in a similar dimension the website might have a better flow. By being small it also limits the amount of the page taken up by colour, so if they are contrasting it means its kept to a minimum.



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