I had a very clear idea in my head about what I was after, and luckily I was able to have a perfect mock up! here’s what it looks like now!

Screenshot (15) Screenshot (14)

It’s exactly how I need it, But for now I also need to see arrange getting my work on the site as for now it is just an empty skeleton going to back to redesigning a web page, as been unsuccessful so far. keep similar layout instead from cargo, but have it exactly how i want it. It’s hard to tell from the screen shot but I have the same header from my previous cargo collective website which will fill the whole page as it loads. This will essentially be my branding, so hopefully it will be on my business cards and any other promotional material.

I’m really satisfied about how it looks for now, but I just need to wait until I see how it will look when all finalised, as it could look nothing like how I actually want it to in the end when my work is on there. I have also decided to have a chunk of text next to my work so I need to make sure that I have decent text next written that will actually be useful and informative to my audience. Rather than something just there to fill the space.


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