The next step in my process is continuing to create some GIF’s. This one in particular is one I’ve been planning for a long time but never really got any where with is ‘The laughing Heart’. This is one of Bukowski’s more uplifting poem’s based on seizing the, realising your life is more worth it.

scan  64

Initially I wanted to avoid the imagery of a heart because it seemed far too obvious due to the title, but as I went on and continued to analyse the poem I started to see more and more links between the use of heart in the title and the message of the poem. The human heart is what keeps us alive, it gives life and is the most important part of us and life wouldn’t exist without it. because of this the more I thought and planned the more relevant it seemed.

scan  65 scan  66

From this I have been able to create some more final designs for  GIF. Even though it was the imagery I first wanted to ignore, it seems I am always coming back to it and it becomes more and more relevant. As I feel most comfortable with mono printing by this stage, this is the chosen method i have decided to come back to as I don’t want to try something completely new and lose the animated printmaking qualities that I want all my work to have. I’ve chosen the quote’ You are Marvellous’ because of how incredibly fitting it seems with the theme of seizing life and appreciating the life you live.


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