The mono prints for the GIFs initially were a lot more successful than I thought they would first be, I tried using panted marks but they just didn’t reflect well to be printed, and it was the printed quality that I was going for. scan scan  1 scan  2 scan  3


With a lot of my recent animations I’ve been working with exactly three frames and the movement has worked fairly well, with the heart I only want it to swell slightly, I’m not planning on imitating an exact heart beat as it doesn’t seem relevant, just have some sort of boil, rather than just s static heart. I’m really happy with how these drawings came out, I was also able to achieve a nice rich black which will show up really well against a dark red background. scan  4 scan  5 scan  6 scan  7 scan  8 scan  9 scan  10 scan  11

Again, like the fish scales it was really hard trying to print a realistic, convincing heart texture. the more I experimented the more successful pieces included a larger range of tones and painted on marks rather than just the roller marks. Similarily to the fish GIF I also had to thin the printing ink a lot to be able to work with it in a fluid manner. I could have approached this heart in a stylistic way, like the bottles, but at the moment I still like the reference to natural elements throughout the poem and a stylised texture could have seemed completely unnecessary.

So far in conclusion I feel really happy with the prints I’ve made, a lot of the techniques used today are from skills that I’ve built up throughout all my practice in the print room. This project begun as a drawing for research and I think now I’ve found where my way of visually communicating lies in my printmaking skills rather than my drawing, even though it’s a long process I felt most comfortable printmaking rather than drawing.


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