This Gif was particularly easier to construct than the others. As again I was only using a few frames and I had already practiced my editing skills and techniques on previous GIF’s so it was just a matter constructing, layering and cutting. Even though this GIF is particularly basic, I think it just adds to part of the aesthetic and feels somewhat purposeful. Sometimes with my work I find it easy to add a lot and assume improving something when really I’m just making it more complicated than it needs to be. For now, I’m really happy with a simple boil. The frames are more animated than I expected them to be but I don’t think it could do any harm. Even though it doesn’t directly imitate a heart beat it feels like very important animation, for me I just need to illuminate the poem and act as a visual aid, not be anatomically correct. This is one of the more simple pieces of work I’ve constructed but I think this will benefit my webpage by breaking it up a little bit amidst the heavily animated full colour images.


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