Even though I stated in my past post that I was happy ‘The laughing Heart’ remaining a basic image, I had forgotten about the text I had originally planned to incorporate the ‘You are Marvellous’ quote. I really wanted to use this quote as it was the most uplifting comment from the poem and encapsulated the uplifting spirit.

At first I just placed the text on top, but I had a similar problem as the last GIF, where it just looked like it was sitting on top with no real purpose, as the entire rest of the GIF is animated. By adding movement to the type, only by adjusting the size and moving about slightly has made the two forms blend so much better as whole. This also works well because it’s allowing me to link it to not only the mono printed GIF’s, but the screen printed as well, as they both now have typography layering, keeping a somewhat consistent narrative.


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