This GIF was far more complicated to animate than the last as their was a lot of editing to ensure the yellow image remained static underneath the mono prints. Although it was a long job I do think it has been successful. I first considered the idea of having the frame loop only once, so that once it closed it would remain closed. This would have reinforced the idea of the personal interaction with the author, once the book closes the connection ends, By doing this I feel as though I am able to push the boundaries of the capabilities of the internet as a medium and how imagery can affect the interaction with the reader. There is no physical book closing, I am suggesting it.

Originally I was going to set the GIF to loop once but it would play as soon as the webpage is loaded which wouldn’t actually work.  So instead I have chosen to instead hold a boil of the book closing for 10 seconds before closing again briefly (the file was unfortunately too large to load on WordPress). Again I will need to adjust the colour of the background to fit in with the white pages I will be creating elsewhere on the page. Consistency being key for the importance of a scrolling format.



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