Today I have started the creation of the mono prints for my Header and Footer. I chose to stick to what i know and work with purely mono prints. The header came to be particularly easy. But the Footer took far more animation skill and for the first time, needed the help of a lightbox.

IMG_0509 IMG_0666 IMG_0505 IMG_0507

For the first large animation I have only used three frames (again) Which allows me to paint the yellow edges by hand, but for others they are far more complicated and I think they would benefit from digitally having the yellow put in afterwards. As my last GIF’s for the series I’m really glad as these are my strongest prints so far. I’m really glad because it means my practice is improving and I’m gaining skills as I continue. At this point, with the addition of these GIFs, when constructed, I should have a piece of work I would feel happy to say it as a professional level of illustration, with an in-depth contextual level of thinking.


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