I have considered creating another GIF for my online webpage and came across a few but not all of them really took my fancy. However, one of them mentioned him writing in a yellow notebook. I recognised this imagery and it reminded me it’s not the first time that Charles has mentioned a yellow notebook which he writes in. I really love this idea of a physical objects which is able to give a link between myself as the reader and Charles Bukowski. By drawing my own yellow notebook it  is reinforcing that link, and I think the reason why I like is it makes his work feel so much more personal. As I continued to sketch this idea I thought it could liven up the way I’m addressing the title and have writing appear to come out of it. At the end of the page the yellow notebook could then close (GIF). It would make some great animations and establish a really nice narrative with the page. Again it is also making reference to the contrasting medium of an anthology to the way I’m presenting my own work. Not only do I think this really adds something to the layout of the page it creates a scrolling narrative, like a header and footer. I think by making these GIF’s can give my webpage what it needs to have some individuality and a considered link between poet and reader, which is something, my job as an illustrator is mean to be.

IMG_0657 IMG_0658 IMG_0659 IMG_0660 IMG_0661 IMG_0662


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