Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 12.38.54




This page includes my first try at animating a webpage, alongside the text. The design didn’t actually prove as difficult as it would first be. My photoshop skills did lack a little when it came to integrating the marks from the GIF with the plain white background but after a few goes I was able to get in a place that looks far cleaner. By getting rid of the marks that made clear edges it has made the composition of the page far more appealing and balanced. It puts a stop to the line of shapes juxtaposing with the edges of the text, this way there is enough distance for them to blend nicely together.

In addition to editing the GIF, the text was originally simply mean to appear line by line, as the reader read along, but I had a far better idea whilst in the middle of the process to help the text appears as if by heartbeat. This allows me to integrate the text in an interesting way that keeps it relevant to the context of the imagery. It was a challenge figuring out how to animate it, but I experimented using layers with dropped and increase opacity layers, which luckily worked really well. I’m really happy with this fished page and I’m actually really satisfied now I can start to see the whole lot together. The real test will be however how it looks beneath the opening Gif and another poem beneath it.



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