When I originally designed my website they layout became incredibly difficult to work with and I was concerned about coding the actual website. In the tutorial it was suggested to just go ahead with designing and see how it works later. I spent a lot of time sketching out possibilities my main priority being the importance of the inclusion of text. I wanted to find a way of working with the text. but just as I didn’t want my illustrations to affect the narrative structure or focus of the poems, my animation of the text cannot do this either. All the alignment, punctuation and enjambment cannot be altered, usually with prose this is possible, but with poetry it could alter the orignal meaning so much I wouldn’t be interpreting the text but making it my own.

Afer a few re-designs from my orignal idea, the best way of working with the text is to alter the movement, opacity of take a reference from the original illustration to integrate and let the text be part of it without a huge amount of distortion as long as the text is readable and keeps it orignal form it should be fine. The challenge from this point is animating myself. To get around the programming issue, as I really wouldn’t want to miss out on the capabilities of my work just because I cannot programme a website. because of this I think the best thing for my work would be to construct the whole website myself, from scratch, including the text inside the GIfs. This may cause loading issues but if I make each poems section separately at exactly the same width I should be able to avoid this issue. This will really put my animation skills to the test, especially being able to learn something and produce it at a professional level, but I;m hoping with determination the work will still work as a successful piece of internet art, utilising the medium to its full capabilities with all the tools at my disposal.

IMG_0663 IMG_0664 IMG_0665 IMG_0666


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