Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 15.44.34



Before constructing the final structure of the Bluebird webpage, looking back at the original GIF file, I’ve not learnt a lot more about animation techniques, layering the frames in a way that looks far better. I’ve re edited this particular one to include fewer animation frames than before that made the animation messy and were not actually needed. It’s now restricted to just the mono prints that emphasise the bird wing movement. Not only this but I have cropped some of the white edges making it look messy, distorting the composition every few frame.In addition  I have increased the levels on the blackness of the mono prints to emphasise the lies further. They will stand out a lot better than they have before, showcasing the animation further.The whole animation now looks a lot better, and at a higher professional standard. Although I have spent a long time re-editing this GIF it would probably only be my eye that can tell the difference, but I need the GIF to be a standard that I believe to be professional before I could commit to putting it on the finished website.


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