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The idea for this page hasn’t changed at all since the beginning, the only struggle being getting the words to align correctly with the text. By going for an overlay it’s creating a relationship between text and image, which really interests me visually and creates an interesting composition on the eye.

I had always wanted to include bubbles going through the text as this creates just the right level of interaction between the two without being overly distracting or overtake the visual structure of the text. Again, this was the first time i have ever animated anything like that and I learnt a lot from the process. I cut the bubbles out from the original frames and just dragged them onto this video animation. There is not a huge amount of frames for movement but I don’t think it needs to be precise. As I’ve mentioned before I like the visual style of my animation being a little rougher than usual. So this would be quite fitting. It’s fairly different from the previous text animation. But at the same time I wouldn’t want them to be too close in visual animation as that takes away the fun, each one also needs to be individual interpretations of the poetry.


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