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Now that I have made a re-edit of the Bluebird GIF I have started constructing the Web page. I have resized the text to line up in correspondence with the image, as this balances the composition of the page far better. In the last page I added imagery to the text, but for this page I wanted to do something similar to the heartbeat text. The original plan was to include a feather texture print overlaid the text, but I feel as though this would make the page far too image heavy. Especially considering how animated the GIF is, which is sitting right next to the text on the page.

Instead I experimented with Photoshop layers making the words bluebird within the poem itself struggle and move about as if it’s trying to ‘get out’. The reason being: the metaphor of the poem being a bluebird wanting to escape out his chest. This highlights themes in the poem without adding any new information. So far I think this is one of my most successful piece of animation, although it did prove difficult considering I wasn’t sure where to start with animating the letting. However I believe this is a successful image due to the link between metaphor ad GIF and text animation. I can presume most pages will take some sort of moderation before I can be completely finished with them, but this one is one I cannot imagine changing much due to its professional appeal.


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