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Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 19.36.21



When constructing the animation for this page I always wanted to include some sort of water droplets to work within the link, similar to that of ‘A Smile to Remember’. Again, this was a huge challenge, but what good purpose it did serve was allowing me to use the water droplets that were originally mean to exist in the GIF animation and use them for this particular animation. As I mentioned in the design page for A Smile to Remember’, I didn’t want to include a large frame rate as the aim for my animations is to have a specific printroom, rough, illustrative aesthetic, rather than perfectly smooth timed animation.

I’m glad that the teardrop textures from the other frames aren’t being wasted, I could of used all of them to fall down throughout the text, but I think a singular tear would not only work better compositionally but would seem more thoughtful, and keep it slightly separate from the other animation. I did add a puddle shaped object, but it just ended up looking very pointless and unneeded. I also had to consider the amount of information on the page as if I make the GIF information to large it will not be able to load on the page, or will load at a slower rate than the rest. Overall I’m really happy with how the general aesthetic of these pages has turned out and I don’t think that the additional animation is overcrowding the page, as this was an initial worry, but so far the animation has been slight enough to add enough information without distraction or distorting the purpose of the text structure.


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