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Before I had even planned constructing the website, I was sure that ‘Torched Out’ would be the last poem at the list for its last minute change of line and change of tone from angry and sad to a happier attitude, all with a simple last line change, which is why it seemed fitting to old be at the end and leave my webpage on a higher note. I also planned to have the wine drip down the page before it reaches the bottles at the moment, linking in the imagery of the text to the GIF imagery, but again with no previous animation experience this has proven very difficult. In addition to this I again have to be wary of how many frames I add, as it is already a very long file and includes a high frame rate GIF. So the movement is incredibly sudden and fast, encouraging the reader to move down. I really the drip would move along at the rate of reading, but by that point, it would be hard to judge the correct speed and probably cause a too high frame rate. Despite these problematic issues I still don’t think the frame rate moves too quickly but just enough to lead the eye if people will be flicking through. After all whatever information I’m creating needs to be quick as I’m creating a web based design, and all my dissertation research also led to the conclusion that the internet has led to people wanting to process any information quickly, receiving information from an online webpage needs to be direct and fast to grab your audience’s attention, they won’t be staring for minutes at a time, like they would with a book, so my information needs to be able to deal with people dealing with information quickly. Overall, I was firstly fairly worried about the addition of this GIF as the poem structure and imagery is fairly different, but after keeping similar structures to the previous pages (apart from the height) I’m hoping it will fit in alright. For the dripping I decided to again, recycle some of the imagery from original prints as I need the narrative from each page to link together. Now it’s finished I’m looking forward to seeing the page all together for the first time, as then I will see if it fits in as well as I think it does.


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