It’s incredibly satisfying being able to see the work finally slotted together. Once it’s all up on the webpage I will be able to take it to tutorial and get peoples opinions, and also be able to see it from other people’s points of view. As after all that is one of the most important things as a piece of work being online, it’s not for specific buyer’s benefits, but the public’s. By creating work to exist on a website its making the appeal widen, with hundreds of people around the world being able to see my work. Overall the main reason for creating this mock up is to see how the work looks as a whole. Overall I’m really pleased with the finished result and should only have tiny tweaking to fix. My drawing for research has led me in a completely different direction from what I ever expected but I think it definitely worked out for the better. What instils confidence in me about this piece of work is the fact that I’m working alongside other contemporary research to make something that can only exist in the form of the internet, something only few illustrators adopt. Seeing the website as a whole I can imagine the way in which it can be scrolled through adding a new perspective on the way we read poetry, and not just online, but at all. One of the most important things for me is the GIFs not re-telling the story of the poetry but illuminating the words to their full extent.


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