Today I had my final tutorial with Rachel and overall came back with a positive response just a few minor changes to some key parts. An issue first was with the text which all needs to be the same font size and aligned in correct places to keep the website fluid and professional.  There was also some additional tweaks such as adding slight more animation to certain parts such ‘An almost made up poem’ where it needed more text interaction, I couldn’t afford to increase file size (due to playback ability of GIFS) soI added a subtle smudge as if the drop is dripping ink down the page. To ‘A smile to remember’ I aligned the text with the water and allowed the bubble to break the surface tension of the water (top of the text) I considered in the tutorial in editing the text physically but I realised this could of taken it too far, and i still need to consider the readability of the text. I ‘The laughing heart’ I only had a subtle change to make, take out the quote I used which was deemed unnecessary and disgracing. Lastly in the closing GIFS, I added a reverse of the book opening again so that there is a fluid loop, even though I liked how it originally just closed as a looping GIF it made little sense, so I think this works far better. Overall I’m really happy with the final touches and keeps the presentation fluid and professional. it took around 12 hours of editing and pushed me to the limits of what limited animating skills I have, but I’m hoping the ‘un perfect’ touch adds a certain charm to the rough printmaking style of animation. Below are final mock ups of the proposed webpage: (available at this address) 12345 6 7


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