We had a tutorial on looking at professional practice websites today where Rachel and Joe showed us their websites and from their own websites to give us inspiration for our own. originally I was fairly confident about my websites but I realised that their websites do, that my own doesn’t is have easily accessible images as soon as you go on the site. racheljoe

Because of this I looked at some other sites by illustrators that I really like and it’s exactly the same kind of situation, all of their work is readily available to scrool through without having to click on links, so I think this is where my own website could be going wrong.

kirsten monica paige

As a result I have drafted up a quick redesign of my orignal website:

IMG_0492 IMG_0493

This aims to be much more image focused rather than layout. instead of just small circles, they will be large, but still keeping the circle theme to tie all my work in together. I’m hoping this will work a lit better. I’m also getting rid of chunks of ext directly next to images in the individual viewer as I think it c=becomes unessasry and the work should really speak for itself.


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