In my last post on my website I decided to have a row of circles going down, but after some consideration I’ve decided to scrap this idea completely and start my design from scratch again. I think the circles are distorting the image too much, and I think instead of having to click on the images from the front page, if my audience want to explore the work on their own they could have a specific projects page to view that can take them to another page specific to that project. This way I can keep all my work really organised and easy to navigate. In the instance that a potential client wishes to request my service they will know exactly which project to ask what work they want similar to. It’s also another way of avoiding the worry of my work because messy all pushed together. By using a slide show on the first page it allows the audience enough time appreciate each image on their own without a distraction from other images. This will be especially helpful for me as I find my work style varies so this way I can avoid my webpage looking too messy. With the new re-design in combination with a custom domain name (samcowell-illustration.co.uk) it will give me a really clean professional, clear way of presenting myself.

IMG_0559 IMG_0558


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